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Bugatti Chiron

Bugatti is the brand of a family of artists who distinguished themselves in an environment where other automotive brands were operated by entrepreneurs with a purely technical background. The company founder Ettore Bugatti, born and raised in Milan, Italy, succeeded in uniting this artistic approach with his technical innovations. The result has been a series of vehicles far ahead of their time, and which are today numbered amongst the most valuable classic cars in the world. The brand’s central philosophy of “Art, Forme, Technique” is a description of its mystique. Still based where the brand was founded more than 100 years ago, in Molsheim (Alsace, France), Bugatti today is an ingenious combination of the artistic roots of its Italian founders, the distinctive understanding of the French for exclusive luxury products and brands as well as the internationally acknowledged German engineering and technological leadership.

As an official licensee to Ettore Bugatti, Montegrappa is thrilled to present a new limited edition of Bugatti writing instruments:
The Bugatti Chiron Collection. The series, like the new Bugatti super sports car it represents, is named after racing legend Louis Chiron, who was a racing driver who won virtually all the major grands prix for the brand in the 1920s and 1930s, including the 1931 Monaco Grand Prix in a Bugatti Type 51. His name is more closely connected with the history of Bugatti than any other racing driver. Chiron retired after 35 years in racing, following his career as a driver with an executive role with the organisers of the Monaco Grand Prix. He was honoured with a statue on the Grand Prix course and the Swimming Pool corner was renamed after him.



Montegrappa’s all-new design for the Chiron pens is timed to coincide with the unveiling of the successor to the astounding Veyron. The exclusive Chiron “ultimate super sports car was just presented as a world premiere in Geneva at the International Motor Show. Inspiring the eponymous writing instruments collection, the Chiron supercar will be reflected in the pen through the unusual combination of materials and design details, while the profile follows the line of the vehicle’s side panels.

Designed by Gabor Megyeri, the Chiron writing instruments feature carbon fibre barrels, and anodized aluminium cap and barrel ends. These are decorated with dynamic quilting engraving, reminiscent of Bugatti upholstery, while the cap top is enriched with red lacquer line. The screws are inspired by the original monocoque titanium mounting screws, while the surfaces – matte and shiny – correspond to Bugatti practice. Palladium details also enhance the structure. Ettore Bugatti’s elegant signature surrounds the pocket clip mount. The barrel end terminates with the world-famous red Bugatti oval logo.

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