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New Neos 1911

Neptune 1911 NEOS

Numbered edition.
High relief diamond-engraved cabochon placed at the top of the cap.
“Three-dimensional” clip.
Decorative ring engraved with a diamond in high relief placed on the stem.
Small metal parts in gold or palladium plated (depending on the version).
Steel nib, available in EF, F, M and Broad grades.
Cartridge / converter ink filling system.


The first traces of the origins of Neptune date back to 1911, so it can be said that it is certainly one of the historical brands in the production of Italian writing instruments, perhaps the first.
In fact, the sketch of an advertising flyer, dated 1911, of the brand with the fountain of Neptune in Piazza Maggiore in Bologna is available, chosen by Umberto Vecchietti, founder of the company, as its symbol.
All this would make NETTUNO the oldest Italian fountain pen manufacturer.
Since January 2018, Nettuno 1911 writing instruments have been manufactured in Naples, Italy, by the Maiora Pen Company wisely led by Comm. Nino Marino.

Neptune 1911 NEOS
The new Nettuno 1911 NEOS collection, which in modern Greek means "new" is available in 6 colors:
Theseus (shiny black / gold plated) is a character from Greek mythology and the tenth mythological king of Athens, son of Aethra and Aegean, or of Poseidon with whom Aethra had lain one night.
Adonis (matte black / palladium) is a Greek deity of Semitic origin, an object of worship in various locations in peninsular and insular Greece.
Atlas (green-blue / palladium) is a character from Greek mythology: he was a King of Mauritania, corresponding to the well-known supporter of the Earth who entered popular culture; this Atlas is a second generation Titan and should not be confused with the son of Poseidon and Clitus mentioned in Plato's Timaeus and Critias dialogues.
Eros (matte red / gold plated) is, in Greek religion, the god of physical love and desire (in Latin known as Cupid). In Greek culture (eros, love) is what moves towards something, a divine principle that pushes towards beauty.
Prometheus (red-blue / gold-plated) is a character from Greek mythology. The epithet of Prometheus ("he who reflects first") contrasts him with one of his three brothers (Epimetheus) who is instead "the one who reflects later".
Ulysses (matte blue / palladium) is a character from Greek mythology. Originally from Ithaca, called the land of the sun, and son of Laertes, he is one of the Achaean heroes described and narrated by Homer in the Iliad and in the Odyssey, the literary work that has him as the protagonist and that takes its name from him.

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