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Caduceus Navy Blue

Caduceus Blu Navy

Montegrappa is proud to add a fourth colour for the range of writing instruments that specifically celebrates those who ensure the well-being of others: doctors, nurses and other health workers.

Fortuna Caduceus takes its name from the symbol understood globally to represent the medical profession.
Often confused with the similar Rod of Asclepius, the ancient Greek god associated with healing and medicine, which also features a serpent coiled around a staff, its similarity with to Caduceus is unmistakable.
In this embodiment of the symbol, the essence of both has been embraced in the pens’ most significant detail: a palladium pocket clip in the form of the Caduceus.

Regarded as beautiful because of what it represents, the Caduceus is also an aesthetic totem thanks to its shape and structure.
It is formed of a rod embraced by two intertwined snakes and wings, and the symbolism of these two components has inspired many interpretations.
One that enjoys particular significance is the notion of resurrection and healing, as embodied in the snakes shedding their skins, while the wings represent the “lift” when one is healed.

Caduceus is also the staff carried by Hermes, the messenger of the gods. In that capacity, it serves as a symbol of peace, with the wings representing his speed.
Among ancient Greeks and Romans, it became the badge of heralds and ambassadors, signifying their inviolability. In modern times, it has grown beyond its original use by the US Medical Corps to represent physicians and even pharmacies.

Joining the Fortuna Caduceus in white, black and scrubs green is a navy blue edition.

Trimmed in steel, the Fortuna Caduceus navy blue’s cap top is embellished with the 1912 logo, while the fountain pen’s nib is inscribed with the Montegrappa filigree pattern.

The pen is offered as a fountain pen, roller and ballpoint; the fountain pen is available with Extra-Fine, Fine, Medium, Broad, Stub 1.1 and Stub 1.5 nibs, and is either cartridge or converter-fed.

As a means to convey best wishes and good health, the Fortuna Caduceus says it in colours.

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