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Teacher's Pen

Montegrappa - Teacher's Pen

NEW APPLE PEN HAS LEARNING AT ITS COREA new, Italian-made pen uses classroom ambienceand apple motifs to give teachers a meaningful and lasting token of thanks.
Although the tradition of giving apples to teachers may have died down in recent years, the fruit remains a popular motif for all kinds of trinkets and tchotchkes given at occasions like end-of-term, graduation and National Teachers’ Days.
Now, an Italian maker of luxury pens has gone right to the core of the matter, developing a gift item rich with apple symbolism and a timeless classroom look.
“The Best Teacher in the World” is the inscription on a box shaped like a hand-bound book. Inside is a pen that not only offers the writing pleasure expected from Venetian handcraft, it even uses a silhouette that was popular in classrooms across Italy more than eighty years ago.
For Giuseppe Aquila, C.E.O. of Montegrappa, the Teacher’s Pen is a return to the company’s roots: “When Montegrappa started production more than a century ago, schools and universities were a very valuable source of business.”

Since its relatively humble beginnings, Montegrappa has made a name for itself as makers of some of the world’s most extravagant luxury pens.
For the Teacher’s Pen, the brand has sacrificed none of its reputation for playfulness in designing a quality writing instrument at an accessible price.
The pen itself can be ordered as a classical fountain pen, or in rollerball and ballpoint modes, and uses high-quality resin to give a timeless wooden furniture look to the cap.
A barrel coloured like green chalkboard carries a message reinforcing the value of education.Montegrappa began making pens aimed at specific professions in 2016.
The Teacher’s Pen marks the fifth instalment in a series that has already seen successful designs rolled out for doctors, lawyers, pilots and chefs.
Aquila says the move is working well: “These days, everybody expects a product that is more personalised to their lives –including theirvocation. Givers too appreciate finding something that is more specific and lasting than the usual fare.”
As a tool intimately associated with learning and used every day, Aquila thinks students and parents will recognise the Teacher’s Pen’s value: “Pensare very symbolic gifts. The Teacher’s Pen is designed both to impress and provide useful service for years”.
For those moments when a teacher is working with chalk rather than ink, an apple-shaped enamel pinis included in the package to remind them thatthey’re still.

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