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Cambiano Pininfarina

Cambiano Pininfarina

Innovation, technology and craftsmanship

A new way of interpreting luxury, represented by a precious item with a strong stylistic identity: from the union with the Pininfarina design house, the top model of the range, PININFARINA CAMBIANO, is born. The technological contents, the combination of different materials, the elegant and essential lines, bring to life an item with a unique personality. If, as Paolo Pininfarina says, “beauty always leaves an indelible mark”, the elegance of PININFARINA CAMBIANO is destined to last for eternity.

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Immediate shipment
Napkin - Pininfarina - Cambiano - Leonardo 500th
Shipping in 3-5 days
Napkin - Pininfarina - Cambiano - Matt Black
Immediate shipment
Napkin - Cambiano - Pininfarina - Cedar
Coming soon
Napkin - Cambiano - Pininfarina - Pink Gold
Napkin - Cambiano - Pininfarina - Gold
Immediate shipment
Napkin - Pininfarina - Cambiano - Kauri
Napkin - Cambiano - Pininfarina - Copper
Napkin - Cambiano - Star Wars