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Forever Set Leonardo

Un'Edizione Limitata per celebrare il 500° anniversario di Leonardo

A Limited Edition to celebrate Leonardo’s 500th anniversary

The Leonardo 500th anniversary set celebrates the complex figure of an artist, a scientist, a revolutionary otherwise known as the genius of the Renaissance. A booklet, a stone paper note, a wooden stylus with an Ethergraf tip (inspired by the “Silver Point” technique) are the contents of this collection set designed to commemorate Leonardo Da Vinci.
- Body material Pear wood body
- Notes material Stone paper
- Contains Booklet with information about Leonardo Da Vinci
- Tip Ethergraf® metal alloy
- Body dimensions (stylus only) Lenght 155mm – diameter 6mm
- Body weight (stylus only) 9 gr
- Packaging Carton box
- Overall dimensions Lenght 225mm – Width 200mm - Height 30mm
- Overall weight 762 gr

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