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Avatar UR De Luxe

Pineider - Avatar UR De Luxe

For the new Avatar, the material developed in Florence by Pineider is a mother-of-pearl and resin compound that we have called UltraResin (UltraResina).
UltraResin is very rigid and its exceptional characteristics make it superior to celluloid, the historical material of the writing industry.
Not only is it hard, almost like metal, but it is also incredibly resistant to shocks, almost to be defined unbreakable, resistant to oils, inks, electricity, high and low temperatures, ultraviolet rays and atmospheric agents.
GlueLess technology: Thanks to the 3D design and the very high precision throughout the production, the pen is assembled without the use of a single drop of glue.
A technological puzzle.
Each component fits onto the other as in a meccano.

Nib: Iperflex 14 KT Gold - Cap closure: magnetic - Eternity: Engraved with the skyline of Florence
A film has the function of protecting the magnet from corrosion and also allows a smooth closing of the cap.
Clip: Marine steel feather
Metal parts: nickel free 23 kt gold plated
Filling: Cartridge / Converter
Packaging: Pineider paper gift box

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