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Incantesimo Design - Globus

The Globe is a representation of the Earth or sky transferred on a spherical surface. Its origin is strictly connected to astronomy and to armillary spheres.
The most ancient terrestrial globe dates back to 1492, the year of America’s discovery.
One of the most famous globe builder of XVII century was the geographer and cartographer friar Vincenzo Coronelli who realized in 1683 different globes destined to the Sun-King – Louis XIV and exposed in the Palace of Versailles.
First the globes were instruments used for study and teaching but soon they became real ornamental objects.

The Italian design is a unique phenomenon and always current due to its dynamism and lasting in time.

The base is created in high density and purity transparent methacrylate.
The motion work is chromium-plated, the base is of lacquered MDF.
The cut and engraving is carried out with computerized high-tech devices.
The graphic of the map is a synthesis of our globe and therefore cannot be used for teaching purposes


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Incantesimo design - Globus