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Classic 205 Petrol Marbled


Each and every pen has its own fascination. It is an unexpected and free flowing genisis of the colourful marbled material.
Flowing one into the other of perly-shining elements together with a bright colour pigment creates this eyecatching pen.
The petrol-colour combines blue and green to enhance a beautiful harmony.

All decoration elements of this series as rings and clip are highly polished and shiny-silver-colored.
Series Classic 205 Petrol-Marbled is offered as a fountain pen with differential piston mechanism.
The highly polished stainless steel nib of offered in nib widths EF, F, M and B to match each handwriting preference.
The ball pen is equipped with a push mechanism for an easy handling.

The fountain pen is provided with an elegant squared gift box including an ink bottle 4001® of 62,5ml