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Pelikan - M205 - Rose Quarts

Pelikan - M205 - Rose Quarts - Limited Edition

Rose Quartz is a stone naturally endowed with an infinite range of shades, from soft to more intense pink and the color tone of the M205 Rose Quartz fully reflects these characteristics.
To make the color appear pure soft pink, the internal components of the pen are light colored.
The composition of the satin material allows you to see the plunger mechanism and the ink level.
For the first time, this series is available exclusively as a piston fountain pen.
It comes with decorative details, such as the typical Pelikan clip and rings, in a shiny silver colour.
The finely polished stainless steel nib offers an incredibly smooth feel and is available in EF, F, M, B widths to suit one's writing preferences.
The M205 Rose Quartz fountain pen is the ideal pen for expressing your emotions
in every message: available in an elegant case or in the more sophisticated version in a gift set
coordinated with the Edelstein Ink of the Year 2023 Rose Quartz, a bottle so refined and enchanting that
spreads a message of love by itself!

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Coming Soon - Pre-Order
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Coming Soon - Pre-Order
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