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Lexon - Mino L

Lexon - Mino L

Powerful portable speaker

Manuela Simonelli & Andrea Quaglio

Quaglio Simonelli was born out of a meeting between two designers, Andrea Quaglio and Manuela Simonelli, their common work is really fed by stories, a creative look at the surrounding world, mutations they would wish to induce: therefore they create familiar looking objects contaminated by the unexpected and the poetical.
Miami is the name of the collection: elegantly flying on nostalgic wings, an Art Deco stylistic wink meeting actual technical requirements. It preserves gracious powers through a transversal proposal.
This series bears the precise signatures of an approach basing their practice - never to see things the way they are.

A boosted Mino to fill your interior with high sound quality, without any compromise on style.
With its sleek design and outstanding performance, Mino L is simply the perfect audio companion to bring everywhere with you.
Thanks to its wireless Bluetooth connection, it can be used to make hands-free calls and as a remote selfie trigger.
5W Bluetooth® speaker
“Hands-free” mic
Selfie control
Battery life: 5 h
Charging time: 2 h
Power supply: on USB-C port (cable included)

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