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Dialog 3

Innovative technology, distinctive form:
The LAMY dialog 3

The LAMY dialog 3 black, a creation by Swiss designer Franco Clivio, captivates the eye while caressing the hand.

What lies under the elegant matt black finish is a unique mechanism that retracts both nib and clip with a single twist.

Heidelberg, February 2012. Once again Lamy has been able to enlist a huge name among designers for their LAMY dialog 3 black: the renowned industrial designer Franco Clivio – known the world over for his high-end designs. Currently teaching design at the University of Zurich and the Università IUAV di Venezia, Clivio is an internationally respected and decorated artist. His work is defined by focusing on practical usage and cutting away anything even remotely superfluous. The round and elegant forms he chose for the LAMY dialog 3 black serve to complement the functionality of this unique fountain pen. One discreet yet powerful visual highlight is the Lamy logo which is lasered into the matt black finish.

The LAMY dialog 3 black stands out through its special and unique twist mechanism. The partially platinised 14-ct gold nib is fully retractable into the pen’s interior with a single twist. Simultaneously, a platinised clip emerges from the housing. A closing ball valve retracts the nib and thus protects it from dirt and from drying out, making a cap unnecessary. The palladium-coated clip is in a retracted state while writing and so it is never in the way. After writing, the clip can be used to attach to a jacket or folder.

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