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New Brenta

Brenta reconnects with writing’s golden age, inspired by history and our manufactory’s majestic riverside setting.
Welcome to Montegrappa Vintage Class: pens from the past recreated for the writers of today.
Constants define our place in writing culture – none more so than a constant state of curiosity.
It is a spirit that flows like the waters of the Brenta: silent witness to 110 years of Montegrappa craftsmanship.
Made in the best traditions of ar tisanal industry, Brenta draws from nature’s beauty, with contours cut and polished like a precious stone.
Soft, undulating textures offer tactile vitality that flows through every word.
Complex briolette cutting brings jewellike qual i ty to writing.
Seductive soft facets extend from end to end, reproducing an effect first perfected in our manufactory nearly a century ago
Our hallmark contour clip and famous ‘ruzzolino’ clamp are handcrafted components that have underlined the class of many of our most exalted silhouettes over the years
Montegrappa Vintage Class writing instruments use modern technology and tooling to accurately recreate flourishes and qualities of the past for the writers of today

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