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M101N Bright Red


M101N Bright Red

With the special edition M101N Bright Red, Pelikan presents a diminutive new masterpiece of elegance.

The fourth in Pelikan’s vintage M101N model range, the Bright Red is an outstanding replica of the famous 1937 Pelikan fountain pen, a sought-after collector’s item. The vibrant red M101N barrel and cap sleeve are crafted from high-quality acrylic with a distinctive gold marbled pattern.


The elegant marbling is in perfect harmony with the 24K gold fittings. The solid red precious resin of the cap head and filling handle polishes itself as it is used – meaning the Bright Red will always continue to shine.


The M101N Bright Red retains the same smaller dimensions as the 1937 original, including its solid 14K gold nib. Handmade in Germany, this exceptional fountain pen offers a piston-fill system and a transparent ink reservoir.


The custom gift box holds a bottle of 4001 Royal Blue ink featuring a historical motif, making it a wonderful gift for lovers of the Pelikan brand.


The M101N Bright Red limited production pen is available while supplies last. Bottle fill only.


Available 14K solid gold nibs: EF - F - M - B.


Shipping in 3-5 days
Pelikan - M101N Bright Red - Fountain Pen