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La Canzone del Grappa

Montegrappa - La Canzone del Grappa

Love For Country – In A Song

A century after it was written, in the aftermath of the First World War, “Monte Grappa Tu Sei La Mia Patria” commands deep respect throughout Italy – but especially the region that is home to Montegrappa.
Three major battles were fought by the Fourth Army at Grappa: in November-December 1917, in June 1918 and the third and bloodiest, the final Italian offensive, in October 1918.
Music composed by Army Capt. Antonio Meneghetti, on August 5, 1918 at Villa Dolfin di Rosà, for text prepared by General Emilio De Bono, Commander of the IX Corps.

Its first words were written on the walls of a bombed house by Italian soldiers.
On the morning of August 24, 1918, in front of Villa Dolfin in the presence of the king of Italy, Vittorio Emanuele III and the military authorities, the anthem was performed for the first time.
 At a time when Italy’s sovereignty is again under threat, its stirring words remind all Italians of the greatness of a country that has no equal for art, for culture, nor for an appreciation of how life and freedom should be cherished.

La Canzone del Grappa is a limited edition pen that commemorates this stirring, poignant hymn about the First World War and the Monte Grappa territory.
Joining their skills are two celebrated brands, Montegrappa and Capovilla, respectively Italy’s most revered pen manufacturer and grappa distiller.
Montegrappa’s own centennial speaks volumes of the resourceful richness and intrinsic excellence of the region, while Capovilla is a proudly local company, with arguably the finest artisanal quality liquors in the area.

To honour 100 years of the song, the collaborative project employs an authentic wooden crate housing a bottle of grappa from Capovilla, alongside a limited edition pen from Montegrappa and a bottle of ink, all suitably decorated in the spirit of the hymn.
The grappa accompanying the pen is a special vintage, made purposely to commemorate the 100 years of “Monte Grappa Tu Sei La Mia Patria”.
La Canzone del Grappa features a silhouette informed by recent Montegrappa designs, a voluptuous shape with cap and barrel end fashioned from vintage-looking marble resin, accented with stainless steel trim.

The remainder of the barrel is transparent, revealing the piston-filler inside, suggesting many thoughts, just as grappa, like the fine wines from which it ascends, hints at numerous aromas and tastes.
On top of the pen cap is the traditional 1912 logo, accompanied by the laser-cut historical Montegrappa logo on its body.
The signature clip provides a sinuous movement when removed from or inserted into one’s pocket, abetted by the rotating-sphere in which it terminates, a hallmark of the brand.

Uniquely, the metal construction of the piston inside the pen boasts a finely-detailed, laser-cut engraving of Villa Dolfin Boldù – the historical headquarters of the Capovilla distilling company.
La Canzone del Grappa is limited to 500 unique items, consisting of 100 fountain pens with a stainless steel nib, decorated with the Montegrappa filigree etching, 100 fountain pens with a 14K gold nib, also decorated with the Montegrappa filigree etching, and 100 rollerball pens. All are made in luscious “October Green” resin.
A further 200 fountain pens with a flexible 14K gold nib, 100 in Extra-Fine and 100 in Fine, decorated with the Montegrappa filigree etching, will be available in the stunning variegated “Memorial Black” resin.