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Bubble Lamp

Acting both as a sleek LED lamp and wireless charging station, Bubble Lamp is the perfect object to complement your desk, nightstand or coffee table.
Easy to use, it can be entirely operated from a single tap to turn the light on/off, change LED colors and adjust brightness.

Its wireless charger is discreetly integrated into its base to fast charge Qi-compatible smartphones and earbuds, with a power of up to 15W.

Bubble Lamp is equipped with 2 USB-C ports: one for charging the lamp and the other for charging your laptop or other device, with an output power of up to 40W.
This will allow you to easily centralize your charging and lighting area onto your desk.

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Lexon - Bubble Lamp - Dark Blue
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Lexon - Bubble Lamp - Dark Green
Lexon - Bubble Lamp - Metallic Grey
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Lexon - Bubble Lamp - Soft Gold
Lexon - Bubble Lamp - Pink