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Dante Inferno

Aurora - Dante Inferno - Limited Edition

Letters of the great poet

A collection that comes from a unique combination: Aurora, a true passion for writing, and Dante, the father of Italian language.
A pen with a strong and intriguing character, as the inspiration of the work from which it takes shape: the Inferno, the first canticle of the Divine Comedy, the masterpiece of the “Great Poet”.
The prestige of a single work of world literature is forged into an authentic writing object, with eternal value.


Cap and barrel in black laquer. Solid rose gold trims. Red lacquer on the bottom.
Fountain pen with 18Kt. solid rose gold nib.

Limited and numbered edition: 1,265 fountain pens in lacquer with rose gold finishings, 39 fountain pens with rose gold details and a ruby on the clip.


Aurora - Dante Inferno - Fountain Pen - Limited Edition