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Homo Sapiens Chiantishire


Chiantishire is a  very limited collection made of 888 pcs for the entire world.
Based on the iconic Visconti shape of the Homo Sapiens, Visconti demo line has always been a great success with all the collection sold in less than three months with a long waiting list.
 From The Blue swirl (London Fog ) to the great novelty of 2017 the Chiantishire,
an homage to the Tuscan hills,  where the famous Chianti wine is produced.
The cap is made out from a solid block of specific resin made to fit the high quality standards of Visconti both in strenght and color. But the heart of this collection is the body. Visconti uses a patented material:  basically a mixture of celluloid and policarbonate  mixed in a secret formula. The result is a completely transparent  body with reddish and goldish swirl that transmit to the owner the sensation of having a real glass of this liquid in his hands. Cap and blind cap is in the same color/material.
The pen is provided with the Visconti double reservoir filling system and  the iconic 23ct Palladium  nib.
The Chiantishire collection is "millesimè" like the most important wines.

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