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New Pura Collection

Pura Collection

Three captivating transparent resins with a satin finish enhance the internal soul of the "Pura" fountain pen, made up of more than 20 hand-worked details.
"Pure" like every detail machined from solid, in a succession of manual procedures that make this writing instrument pleasant to the touch and exciting to the eye.
Anthracite gray, aqua blue and flame orange are the colors chosen and associated with the metal parts in Palladium, Golden Yellow or Ruthenium
Extra strong laminate size # 6 nibs are frictionally assembled (not screwed on) and easily removable.

Available in grades EF, F, M, B and Stub1.1, both in steel and gold.
The elastic nib (F) is only available in gold.

Black ebonite conductor and 1.5ml piston filling capacity (both manufactured in our workshops).
Each fountain pen includes the international warranty and a 40ml ink bottle.
Numbered and not limited collection.

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