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Leonardo Da Vinci Machina

Leonardo Da Vinci - Machina - Limited Edition

He could only go down in history as the genius par excellence Leonardo da Vinci, master of art and sciences.
Born near Florence, his visionary inventions have become famous all over the world as much as his artistic creations and it is precisely his incredible ingenuity that we were inspired to create the Machina collection, designed on the occasion of the 500th anniversary of his death.
Machina's barrel and cap are handcrafted and show the technical drawings of some revolutionary machines collected in the famous Codex Atlanticus, the largest archive of Leonardo's drawings and writings.

Sanguine technique
Machina's particular appearance is due to his engravings that reflect the sanguine technique, a highly appreciated artistic style used during the Renaissance, which characterizes some of Leonardo's most famous drawings.
The mahogany box that accompanies the pen recalls the Icohexahedron, the solid made up of 20 triangular faces, symbol of water and its movement.

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Leonardo Da Vinci - Machina - Silver Edition
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