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Extra Argento

Extra Silver

Creating a future classic is a challenge, but all of the ingredients are there for the latest Montegrappa writing instrument – especially thanks to the material that provides its name: Extra Argento. A completely new premium family, Extra Argento
joins the regular catalogue and is a lineal descendent of Montegrappa’s hugely successful signature creation, the Extra 1930.
Like that masterpiece’s form, the silhouette of the Extra Argento is classically elegant and voluptuous.
Unlike the Extra 1930, though, which is made of celluloid, the new collection is produced entirely in 100% polished Sterling Silver. Notable, too, is that the Extra Argento provides, for the first time, a luxury pen in the ballpoint category, the range adding this popular type of ink source to the choice of fountain pen and rollerball.
To ensure the broadest appeal, the piston-fed fountain pen is offered with its 18k gold nib in the three popular grades of Fine, Medium and Broad.

Extra Argento offers a style reminiscent of hand-tooled hunting shotguns and the Art Deco cigarette lighters of the 1920s, thanks to the pen’s enveloping body adornment: diamond-cut guilloche engraving.
The herringbone tweed motif adds a somewhat vintage and chic gentleman’s feel, a sense of movement and texture unique to each model, adding to the joyful tactility one finds in a superior writing instrument.

Extra Argento’s beauty is further enhanced by the pen cap, a simple polished silver plate inviting personalisation with custom designs, monograms or initials.
Extra Argento is therefore inherently the choice of the individualist who appreciates the added value of a bespoke style, as applied by our craftsmen.

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Montegrappa - Extra Silver - Fountain Pen
Montegrappa - Extra Silver - Rollerball Pen