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Visconti - Torpedo

Visconti Torpedo - Limited Edition

The pen is inspired by a recent design trend, Bolidismo, born in Italy in the mid - 80s by a group of architects  and  designers  who  largely  attended  the  Faculty  of  Architecture  of  the  University  of Florence.
The  founding  values  of  the  group  were  the  dynamism  of  the shapes, somehow  a  far  recall  to the Futurism of the early twentieth century, and the reference to design (which strongly influenced the world of cars)
and to the Comics strip & of the '30s.
The Torpedo's name alludes both:
- to  the  model  of  car in  use  from  the  beginning  of  the  last  century  up  to  the  30s  (again featuring sleek and sporting shape), - than  to  the  English  term  for  torpedo  and obvious  example  of a shape designed  by  the  need  for speed).
Torpedo therefore,  ranks  fully  in  the  tradition  of the Italian  design,  here  even  more  specifically Florentine, and it claims its value worldwide acknowledged.

The Torpedo, designed in an ogival shape, dynamic and aerodynamic, interrupted only by the clip, integrates in an original way the two traditional aesthetic codes of Visconti's high-end pens:
-the skeleton processing
-the transparency of the demo models.
Above  the  carbon  fiber  of  the  barrel there is a  light  metal cover that  surrounds  two  transparent openings which allow to see the internal filing system and the ink; the transparent acrylic resin has been worked in such a way as to be
aligned with the carbon fiber and not to be at a lower level, thus gn.contributing to the fluidity of the design.

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