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Ammiraglio 1939

AMMIRAGLIO 1939 - Sailor for Montegrappa - Limited Edition

Sailor for Montegrappa – Limited Edition

Italian-Japanese fusion is a notion that immediately conjures ideas of refinement, rarity and singular flavour.
Whether in architecture, fashion or cuisine, collisions of Eastern and Western sensibilities are seldom more compelling than when these two cultures intersect.
Collaborations across cultural divides often require the more established partner to reveal the context for partnership and provide their audience with a sense of discovery.
But for insiders, Montegrappa and Sailor are names that require neither introduction nor justification.

This comes as no surprise. Born only one year apart, each has spent more than a century defining pinnacles of craftsmanship in its own right.
Both have come to embody standards universally admired by discerning writers and pen owners.
Now, for the first time, two complementary ideals arrive fused into one product.
This 1939 design from Montegrappa’s private museum collection has been carefully recreated by hand and enlarged to accommodate a range of exquisite, six-millimetre ultra-precision Japanese nibs.

Realised in 18k gold – a rarity in Sailor Pen’s repertoire – they are serviced by Montegrappa’s patented piston-fill system in a true dream-team combination.
For devotees of Italian writing style, the enigmatic Medium- Fine and Zoom grades promise a delightful departure from the norm.
No detail has been overlooked in the exterior of the Ammiraglio 1939.
Richly ornamented, 0.925 sterling silver trims decorate a luxurious body hand-carved from premium Mazzucchelli celluloid and emblazoned with the period-correct Monte Grappa insignia.

Weight, balance and finishing have all been realised to Montegrappa’s exacting standards.
Very few will have the privilege of knowing how it feels to hold a master- built pen backed by two centuries of leadership.
Congratulations on being one of a select group. We hope the pleasure it brings reflects the expertise and goodwill invested into its creation.

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