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Nooz - Anti Blue Light

1. What is blue light ?

The light visible by our eyes is composed of red, yellow, green, blue and violet light.
Blue light is the most energetic of the visible spectrum. The more energetic the light, the more dangerous it is for the eye.
This one is located just after the Ultra violet from which we protect ourselves with the sunglasses.

On the visible light spectrum, blue light is divided into two very different types of radiation.
Turquoise blue light (from 455 nm to 495 nm) is recognized as vital to the body.
It contributes to our awakening, our falling asleep, our well-being in general.

On the other hand, blue-violet light (from 380 nm to 455 nm) accelerates the aging of our cells and generates headaches/eye strain.
Partly filtered by the crystalline lens, it penetrates deep into the eye and hits the retina in its central part.

The effects of blue light on sleep and circadian rhythms are no longer in question
The so-called circadian rhythms are those regulating the time of wakefulness and sleep in individuals and are impacted by a hormone called melatonin.
Blue light causes a certain level of alertness in humans, degrading the secretion of melatonin and therefore the quality of sleep.

2. Where does blue light come from ?

Blue light is a high-energy light that is emitted by the sun.
It is the main source of emission of this light. However, we note that blue light is also ubiquitous in artificial light sources, especially in energy-saving lighting (LED) and
electronic displays, but the level of illumination is too low
It is this moderate illumination that makes blue light dangerous for our eyes.

Excessive exposure to these sources whose blue light is considered too aggressive is proven to be the origin of certain pathological changes.

3. How to reduce the impact of blue light ?

There are several solutions to reduce the impact of blue light:

Limit the use of screens
Adapting your LED bulbs and favoring warm white temperatures
Put a filter on your screens, whether it is a night mode or a dedicated application
Adopt anti blue light glasses

This is the last solution that will provide the best protection against blue light.

Anti-blue light glasses protect your eyes from screen work.
The glasses filter the blue light to offer a more relaxing and warm atmosphere and improve the vision on screen in particular in a dark environment.

That's why Nooz is committed to offering the best possible blue light protection:
With ultra-protective lenses, our glasses filter blue light to block harmful rays from digital screens.
To make sure you don't have the reflex to take off your glasses, our anti blue light glasses rest on an ultra-comfortable frame that you'll forget about when you look at your screen.

Nooz blue light glasses are extremely durable, allowing you to keep them on for as long as possible.