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Pininfarina - Cambiano - Lizzy - L.E.


Symbolism and visual language are the basis of the new special edition Banksy's Graffiti which reinterprets some of the most famous works of the most controversial and mysterious English artist and writer.
Among the most important exponents of contemporary street art, Banksy is known for never revealing his identity.
He manages to transpose difficult and painful subjects into humorous works, sensitizing the viewer and creating greater social cohesion as a result.
Pininfarina Cambiano, a top-of-the-range product, is painted white and printed with a depiction of Queen Elizabeth (Lizzy) that extends from the wooden base to the box, created ad hoc and customized also on the outside.
A unique and iconic product available in a limited edition of 333 pieces, with ballpoint.


Out of production, not ordinable
Napkin - Pininfarina - Cambiano Ink - Lizzy