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New Art Sport

The Kaweco Sport model in harmonious mosaics
A fountain pen full of character and exciting patterns - like the traditional terrazzo flooring of the same name, the Kaweco Art Sport fountain pen enchants with its colorful mosaic inlays. In contrast to the cream-colored base material, the play of colors of the writing instrument is particularly stylish.
The highly polished surface of the high-quality acrylic makes the fountain pen a luxurious touch.
The artful casting process of the material creates unique textures, meaning that no two writing instruments are the same.
The golden elements create a warm appearance and harmonize wonderfully with the pleasant color combination.
The permanently attached clip guarantees a secure hold of the pen when on the go or on the desk.
In 1911 something special was created with the Kaweco Sport. When closed, the pocket fountain pen is only 10.5 cm in size and can therefore be easily carried with you. With the cap on, it grows to a normal size of 13 cm.
For personal finishing touches, the fountain pen is equipped with your desired nib in sizes extra fine to extra wide.
For beginners, we recommend the nib size M. However, thanks to the practical screw mechanism, the nib units can also be easily exchanged for other line widths and nib materials afterwards. All springs are made in Germany.

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