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Montegrappa - Revolver - Limited Edition

Montegrappa - Revolver - Limited Edition

Montegrappa’s Tech Revolution

Following the amazing success of Q1, Montegrappa’s radical take on the way multiple colours can be accommodated in a single pen, Italy’s oldest manufacturer of fine writing instruments has again had a “re-think” about how pens operate.
Taking its name literally, REVOLVER is the latest limited edition in the CULT series, a favourite collection among pen enthusiasts who value innovation.
An outsized pen of impressive girth, its voluminous body is made in burnished stainless steel.

The “handle” segment of the body, or “barrel”, is crafted in a 4200-year-old bog-oak selected to match and complement the dark, earthy colours of the pistol-pen.
Providing contrasting accents to its near-black presence are details fashioned in gold plated brass, to enrich the design in the manner of highlighted nails and bullet “heads”.
Playing with the concept, Revolver contains 10 perfectly formed but utterly fake “bullets”, numbered from 0 to 9.

As the name and form intimate, within the pen mechanism and discernible from the outside is an old-style gun’s drum, containing the bullet sockets.
On the outside, there is a fully functional “trigger” that acts as a brake for the drum, a sardonic take on a game of Russian Roulette.
Among the accessories provided with Revolver is the magnetically-fitted bullet “stick”, delivered with the pen, with which to extract the bullets.

Another exceptional novelty for this limited edition is the unique filling system, the subject of an international patent, named the “POWER-PUSH mechanism” which acts like an automatic piston.
Revolver is treasured in a luxury wooden box, which also includes two ink-bottles in black and red colour.

Playing With Guns!

Says Montegrappa CEO Giuseppe Aquila, “Montegrappa is not in favour of weapons.
Revolver, on the other hand, is an ironic toy for big boys. For those who, before the current era, played with toy guns when they were kids, simply spinning the drum is a nostalgic act and therefore stress-relieving.
On an intellectual level, too, this pen satisfies because it is nothing less than a triumph of mechanical engineering and amusing functionality.”

When not performing actual writing duties, the Revolver pen’s user may put the bullets inside the chamber using the special tool supplied with the pen and spin it until it stops.
The user can extract each bullet and take note of its number; in this way, he (or she!) can create different combinations of numbers that can be played on a roulette table, at the lottery or other gambling games.
Other possibilities include a “bloodless” game of the aforementioned Russian Roulette with one or more bullets.

Endless are the ways you can use the Revolver pen: ingenuity is the only limitation.
Revolver will be available only in a limited run of 300 fountain pens. Its nib is made of 18k gold with an ebonite feeder and is offered in the grades of Fine, Medium and Broad.
Whether intended for the gun collector, the pen aficionado or simply one who appreciates technical originality, Revolver will be certain to start conversations and inspire controversy.