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Fisher Space Pen

Paul Fisher developed the pressurized refill of his Space Pen over 40 years ago, in the period in which the "space race" was being fought.
When astronauts started flying they used ordinary pencils.
The lead of these pencils could easily break, causing dangerous situations when the detached part floated around the cabin in the absence of gravity.
A more secure and reliable writing tool was needed, Fisher Space Pen.
The development of the Fisher Space Pen required more than a million dollars until in 1965 Paul Fisher successfully developed the first pressurized refill.
The Fisher refill is unique in the world and is guaranteed for about 100 years. The original Fisher pressurized refills to write in extreme conditions, a continuous line over 14 kilometers long!
The principle of pressurization at about 6.3 kg per m² required the creation of a semi-solid ink capable of returning liquid at the time of writing.
The advantages of this innovative ink are many: low cost of consumption (for the same quantity of ink, the Fisher ink lasts up to 15 times more).
It writes underwater and at any angle (even upside down!), Adheres to multiple surfaces, is insensitive to pressure changes and does not freeze.

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