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The antique art of falconry appeared with the emergence of civilizations and was already popular in the Middle East and Arabian Gulf region several millennia BC.
The Arab poets composed a lot of poems lauding the falcon and all Arab classes – Kings, Sheikhs and cavalry – practiced falconry and bequeathed it to the next generations.
The Arabian Gulf region became famous for its falconers and falconry traditions. In the philosophy of the region hunting trips teach patience, endurance and self-reliance and bravery can be learned from falcons.
But falconry has been popular also other regions: Europe and even Mexico.

Lorenzo de Medici - duke of Florence Republic in the 15th Century – was a fanatic practitioner of the art of hunting with the falcon (falconry).
There are several testimonials for his passion like portraits representing the nobles in the hunting moments as well as many letters in which he decants his passion for the peregrine hawk.
During the Renaissance era, falconry became very popular among the noble families as Kings, Emperors, Dukes; it was recognized as distinctive sign of noblesse; indeed, hawks were brought to
the courts, battles and used as symbol of peace between people of different origins, religions and cultures.
The history of falconry crosses the path of Emperor Federico II. He had many contacts with the Arab falconers and introduced the use of the hood, substituting the traumatic technique of suturing the eyelids of the falcon.

This pen wants to be an homage to this noble and antique art of falconry.
The pen is hand painted with airbrush by a famous artist and is produced in a limited number.
It embodies the essence of the hunting falcon.
The cap is enriched with solid embroidered dark brown leather as well as the blind cap.

The pattern is the reproduction of an original middle age hood exhibited at the Qatar National Museum.
The clip represents the falcon feather.
The pen has a dedicated box on whose cover a magnificent sculpture of hawk stands in the hunting position; the hawk is made out of solid ancient bronze. and is another masterpiece.
This “sculpture” symbolize the richness and the nobles of this antique art.

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