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New Nettuno

The first traces of the origins of the Neptune date back to 1911, date for which the layout of a flyer with the brand is availa blewith the fountain of Neptune in Piazza Maggiore in Bologna, chosen by Umberto Vecchietti, founder of the company, as its symbol.
In 1921, the date of registration of the Penna Nettuno Sicurezza trademark, began production of pens made with both dropper and safety loading.
The production consisted of smooth black ebonite pens of different sizes and pens with gold-plated metal coatings.

Around the mid-'20s, even Nettuno, like all other Italian brands, began a production of imitations of the Parker Duofold, which at the time was the stylistic reference of all producers.
In this case the bottom button loading was also adopted.
In the '30s, continuing to follow the evolution of the Duofold, new models were produced in streamlined version, and was also introduced a new clip with a spatula-shaped termination.

In 1936 the new Nettuno Superba line was introduced, with more tapered lines and multiple decorative ribbons placed on both the cap and the pen body.
The first version, also characterized by a wide metal band on the hood decorated with a checkered pattern, was made of celluloid, with bottom button loading.
Given the beauty and success found, this line remained in production until the 50s.

At the beginning of the 1940s the Neptune Docet was introduced, a model with piston filling and transparent body, in a single measure.
This was joined by the Export, a low-end pen always with piston filler produced in three sizes, with different decorations.

The final production of the '50s sees different models with steel nibs both covered and ordinary, but always in the economic range.
In the second half of the 50s, with the progressive advent of the ballpoint pen, seeing itself increasingly reduce the market space, Alfonso Vecchietti, Umberto's son, decided to stop production, dedicating himself
the sale and repair of pens also of other brands.

The brand is still owned by the Vecchietti family, who recently decided to restart the production of Nettuno pens.