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Elmo 02

‘Elmo’-brand  pens  were  famous  throughout  Italy  in  the  early  20th  century. Built in Montegrappa’s present-day factory, they helped lay many of the foundations for modern writing culture.
Expressive  resin  and  stainless-steel  hardware  echoes  the  Elmo  02’s  distinctive  angular  lines.  Helm’s  fluted  clip  design  channels  the  panache of the 1920s, with early hallmarks of Art Deco.
Swirling  resin  colours  of  Sorapis  and  Asiago  provide  resort-ready  alternatives to the formality of standard jet black. No two segments are exactly alike.
The Elmo 02 is available in three writing modes: cartridge/converter fountain pen (with six nib grades), rollerball, and a slimline, twist-action ballpoint.

Debonair style comes naturally to the Elmo 02. Plucked from the Montegrappa’s 1920s archives, its vintage charms still resonate after more than a century.
Few designs say more with less. The   Elmo   02’s   frugal   minimalism   was  a  necessity  of  the  1920s
 but  the  inventiveness  of  the  company’s  first  technical  director  provided  a  design  that  would  stand  on  its  own  merit  –  and survive the test of time.
A century ago, Heinrich ‘Elmo’ Helm’s ingenious conical ends offered a way to dispense with expensive componentry without sacrificing decorative flair.
It’s  a  formula  that  still  works  today  –  enabling  us  to  endow  the  Elmo  02  with  professional  performance  at  an  enthusiast’s price.

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Montegrappa - Elmo 02 - Asiago - Fountain Pen