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Superba Ruby

The SUPERBA fountain pen is a masterpiece of elegance and refinement, a true jewel of writing that combines the art of the goldsmith tradition with the most advanced celluloid processing techniques.
This writing instrument is made of precious and rare celluloid, a material appreciated for its warm shine and its unique shades of colour, which make each piece unique and unrepeatable.
The SUPERBA stands out not only for its exceptional quality material but also for its timeless design, which echoes the great tradition of Italian fountain pens, renowned throughout the world for their elegance and attention to detail.
The body of the pen, with an ergonomic and balanced shape, offers a comfortable and fluid writing experience, suitable for both daily use and more special occasions.
Featuring a finely engraved, 14k solid gold nib, the SUPERBA promises consistent, precise ink flow.
The pen is also equipped with a fixed piston ink filling system produced in our workshop, which guarantees ease of use without sacrificing elegance and tradition.
The SUPERBA is not simply a writing instrument but a symbol of status, a statement of style.
Packaged in an elegant case, accompanied by a certificate of authenticity and an international guarantee, this fountain pen is reserved for the most expert collectors and anyone who wishes to own a piece of writing history of inestimable value.