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Age of Discovery

Montegrappa - Age of Discovery - Limited Edition

A new limited edition commemorates the spirit of exploration that fueled Europe from the 15th to the 18th centuries and the technology that made it possible.
Age of Discovery is set to sail to markets around the world from the end of November 2021.
Age of Discovery is made in limited editions of 250 fountain pens and 250 rollerballs, which refer to the 500 years since the death of the explorer Ferdinando Magellano (1480-1521) and to the first circumnavigation of the earth in 1522.
The mahogany hood for a vintage effect and the brass body, which shows and / or hides mechanical complications, give a modern touch to this classic creation.
Navigational aids provide the central elements of the design: a vintage telescope inspires the body and a sextant provides the clip. Inside the cap disk is a miniature working magnetic compass, a custom complication developed with the Politecnico di Milano.
The sapphire crystal at each end simulates a lens (with hinged cap) and eyepiece to reinforce the novelty of its telescopic shape.
Fountain pens have another important feature, a telescopic action of the barrel activates our one-touch Power-Push filling mechanism; This is only the fourth time that our elite loading system has been used on a pen in production.
Its integration within the telescopic enclosure makes access more direct than ever.
The fountain pens are equipped with a 6 mm 18-karat gold nib (EF, F, M, B, BB, Stub 1.1) with ebonite power supply. The custom engraved nib shows a compass. The custom box is an antique brass reinforced instrument case with an inlaid plaque commemorating Magellan's expedition.
The silhouette of the Spanish ship Victoria is made in bas-relief inside the eyepiece on the back of the barrel, while its historic route around the world is laser engraved in depth on the barrel itself.
Elsewhere, the brass is elaborate with perforations, knurls, threads and other ornaments, while the Montegrappa logo is engraved in the base of the mahogany cap.
This particular brass has a tone that ages remarkably well, becoming brighter and more nuanced with prolonged use.

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