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New - Classic 205 Moonstone

Pelikan - Classic 205 Moonstone

Inspired by the Moonstone gem, with this series Pelikan has managed to capture the mystical charm of the stone, transforming it into a sparkling writing instrument. The special shade of gray recalls the lunar aura and shines as soon as the pen meets the light of day.
The barrel is made with an innovative combination of materials that allows this unique effect by creating countless shades of gray.
The Classic 205 Moonstone Series is available in the fountain pen version with piston mechanism and snap ball.
The fountain pen has a stainless steel nib available in different widths, EF, F, M or B to suit all writing preferences.
The sphere ensures extreme smoothness of the line.
The range is embellished with an elegant gift set that includes a fountain pen and the matching Edelstein Ink of Year 2020 bottle!

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Pelikan - Classic 205 Moonstone - Stilografica Set
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Pelikan - Classic 205 Moonstone - Penna a sfera