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Souverän® 800 - Brown Black



With strength and elegance. This is the new Souverän 800 Brown-Black Special Edition.

Dominated by warm brown tones shaded in the stem and more intense in the parts of precious resin, this series of writing instruments has been realized through a long and complex process of working.

The barrel with brown and black lines is in finely turned cellulose acetate to create a perfectly smooth and uniform surface.

The rings and the clip are elegantly finished in 24 carat gold. Available in the writing widths EF, F, M and B,

the fountain pen with differential piston mechanism is enriched by an 18 carat bi-color gold nib.

The ballpoint pen with rotating mechanism perfectly matches the fountain pen, creating a set of refined elegance.

Each instrument is hand-assembled by our master craftsmen and hand-started by expert calligraphers to verify that it meets the most stringent quality standards.

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