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Pelikan - Souverän® 600 - Violet-White - Special Edition

Souverän® 600 -  Violet-White - Special Edition

Pelikan souveran 600 Violet-White
Pelikan Special Edition

This new series of fine writing instruments is an extraordinary gift idea for a special person and will captivate you with its refined elegance: the enchanting and delicate colors of the stem will light up your days! The white parts are made of fine resin which is first turned until it reaches a very reduced thickness and then polished to obtain a dazzling brilliance.
The characteristic striped trunk of the Souverän® line alternates white and lilac in this special edition, creating an unusual and delicious combination. It is made of cellulose acetate through a long and complex manufacturing process. The rings and the typical pelican beak clip are 24 carat gold plated. The fountain pen with piston mechanism has a 14 carat bi-color gold nib finished in rhodium and will be available in 4 widths, EF, F, M and B to satisfy any writing preference.
The coordinated ballpoint pen has a rotating mechanism.
Each individual writing instrument is hand-mounted and carefully checked to meet the most stringent quality criteria defined by the Pelikan policy. The Souverän® 600 Violet-White is supplied in a special gift box embellished with a satin ribbon that recalls the shade of the stem.

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