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Vecchietti 85° Anniversary

Delta - Vecchietti 85° Anniversario - Limited Edition

The "Fusion Nib" is a nib manufactured entirely in the Delta factory.The ink filling system is lateral.
The central ring made of special metal and finely engraved with goldsmith technique and "liw-relief" is plated with precious rhodium and reproduces in full the complete logo "A.C. Vecchietti".
The top of the cap features a capuchon embossed with the "ACV dal 1928" logo.
Cap and body are turned by hand from solid bars of celluloid, spaced with white resin rings.
To celebrate the 85 years of activity, they are working in close collaboration with the craftsmen of Delta, a new fountain pen in Limited Edition and dedicated to the store: "85 ° A.C. Vecchietti ", produced in only 85 pieces.


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Delta - Vecchietti 85th anniversary fountain pen