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Napkin was born in 2007 and already has a significat experience in design projects in different product segments, from the HO.RE.CA. To everyday life and to traveling.

Based in Romagna, Napkin operates through a system of agents and distributors that allows it to present in Italy and in more than 20 foreign countries.

The company was conceived whit the aim of innovating and exploring new markets the search and creation of new brands to be maeketed, characterized by elegance

and innovation in paetnership whit utility and practicality, or what makes the Made in Italy uniqhe world.

Among the projects that today represent the core business of the company is the innovative line of "unlimited" writing tools forever Made in Italy and CREHO, the line of abjects and accessories for the HO:RE:CA.

The tools form a thought have traced the course of time, the experiences of the ages past have written the story of future inventions.

From the special technique of the silver tip, used by Leonardo Da Vinci, takes the tip ETHERGRAF, created by Napkin in collaboration whit renowned Italian researchers, which retrieves the oxidation principle that occurs during the friction between the metal tip and the paper, bringing it to a new level. ETHERGRAF is an innovative alloy of metals that oxidizes normal paper, leaving a soft sign like graphite, but indelible as ink.

ETHERGRAF is something that did not exist before, innovation in the service of immagination, is matter that does not fear time, it is zero stains, zero lead, 100% creativity.

Designed, thought and realized in Italy, ETHERGRAF is the distinguisching feature of all Styles of the Forever Made in Italy line.

The tip in ETHERGRAF "scratches" microscopically the paper, oxidizing and leaving a light but indelible trait. Due to its porosity, common paper, untreated cellulose paper (made from vegetable fibers joined by a process called "felting"), is a material that reacts perfectly to the passage of the metal tip.