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MARLEN pens, italian company specialized in production of pens and fine writing instruments,was founded in 1982 by Mario Esposito, Managing Director and Antonio Esposito, Design Manager.

MARLEN’s exclusive luxury artisan writing instruments are “designed to be different”.

They are unique high-quality handmade limited edition collections, created by using master-craftsmen’s original forms of expressive art.

MARLEN prestigious collections have become collector’s prize possessions all over the world. More than twenty years of innovative designs have reflected the cultural, historical, technological and artistic movements of yesterday and today.The firm’s success is due to determination, dedication and the ability to sum up people, products and organizations.MARLEN’s two directors are backed up by a team of dedicated artisan goldsmiths, who take the ultimate pride in their work, and are renowned for their excellent team spirit.MARLEN will continue to bring to the world exclusive collections and the introduction of unique and special techniques and attributes. MARLEN will continue to create high quality products with special features, thus ensuring MARLEN will continue to be distinctive in the Market worldwide.