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Cufflinks made of sterling silver, tin flasks made of pewter: What men receives as gifts in the late 70s would hardly be conceivable today.
In these wild times, TROIKA starts – even then with products that accurately reflect the time and the state of mind of men in work and private life.
Times change. And with the orientation of TROIKA: to the specialist for design-oriented men’s gifts, technical key rings and innovative travel accessories.
The 80s bring the first design prizes, and in 1992 TROIKA Germany is launched. From 5 employees at the start of the company, today we have more than 50.
From the start-up with family connection becomes an innovative medium-sized enterprise in the open and communicative ambience of a modern company headquarters.
And just as the modern man becomes more mobile, technically oriented and with many hobbies, so does TROIKA.
Everyday, for more than 25 years, always looking for new, innovative gifts that will delight.