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Masterpiece Ebonite 2022

Masterpiece Ebonite 2022

Masterpiece in ebonite is the new Leonardo limited series collection.
Limited to only 100 pieces per color, metal parts laminated in gold and new Leonardo "la Fenice" nib diameter 6mm in gold (new mold), black ebonite power supply produced in our workshops.
The central band engraved with a three-dimensional pantograph depicts a geometric motif that now characterizes the Leonardo style.
The proprietary piston loading system designed and produced in our workshops involves disassembly with our steel key (sold separately).

• 6mm diameter gold nibs: EF, F, M, B, BB, Stub 1.4
• Integrated piston mechanism, 1.5ml capacity
• Possibility of disassembling the piston mechanism using our key
• Ebonite feeder
• The fountain pen case contains an ink bottle.

Measurements of the fountain pen
Closed pen: 154mm
Tank including nib: 138mm
Maximum cap diameter: 16.8mm
Handle: 12.4mm
Weight: 32g (not inked)

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