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L.E. - Leonardo Officina Italiana - Cuspide

CUSPIDE Collection

Length closed: 148mm - Cap length: 71.6mm - Body length including nib: 134mm - Handle diameter: 12.5mm - Maximum cap diameter: 17mm - Weight: 30g - Weight body only (without ink): 19.5g
• Classic piston filling
• The fountain pen can be ordered with gold or white rhodium finish.
4 colours available: Nocciola (beige), Mineral Grey, Blue Sea and Olive Green..
The effect of depth and texture is given by the assembly of about 10/15 sheets of acrylic, the fusion of these sheets about 1 or 2mm high is obtained through a casting of dark resin that will become our cusp only after a complex oblique cut of the sheet.
The realization of the resin "Cuspide" is an important step for our research and production and is also stimulating for future projects.
In fact, the pattern present in acrylic in the darker parts recalls the curve of the spear tip.
The material is inspired by the "Lance Cusp" used by ancient warriors in the centuries VII-VI BC.
• 4 different colours, limited to 70 pieces for each nuance.
The filling system (classic piston), the ebonite feeder, the clip, the band and also the position of the thin metal rings on the cap bring us back in time.
With a vintage taste, shapes and details that recall the masterpieces of the 30s, golden years for the Italian fountain pen known throughout the world.


Out of production, not ordinable
Leonardo Officina Italiana - Cuspide - Blu Sea GT - Fountain pen