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New Leonardo - Momento zero grande 2.0 - Galattica

Leonardo - Momento zero grande 2.0 - Galattica - Limited Edition

Numbered and limited edition /300

MZG2.0 the new “Galactic” series materials and colors in collaboration with Tailored pen company (USA)
Galaxy and its magical shades blend with the art of writing, the Momento zero grande 2.0 collection is enriched with a new iconic "Galactic" series.

Three different colors that evoke the brilliance of the stars, the depth of the universe and the shades of the constellations, perfectly in tune with our vintage-style design.
A luminous trail of colors with chromatic vibrations that recall the immense and boundless galactic world.

• Pink dwarf limited to only 300 pieces
Rose gold finishes

• Universe limited to only 300 pieces
Palladium finishes

• Planetary Nebula limited to only 300 pieces
Golden finishes

• Screw-on steel nibs, ABS advancement
• Gold friction nibs, Japanese ebonite feed

With its unique color and design that evokes Italian style, “Galactic” represents a perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality. Perfect for both collectors and lovers of writing in general, this pen is a testament to Italian art and craftsmanship.
Integrated piston filling system produced in our workshops, 1.5ml capacity, possibility of disassembly with our key.
Transparent colorless window that indicates the level of ink available inside the tank.

“La Fenice” steel nib EF, F, M, B, Stub 1.5
Extra fine or fine steel elastic nib

“La Fenice” gold nib EF, F, M, B, Stub 1.1
Extra fine or Fine gold elastic nib

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