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L.E. - Leonardo Momento Zero Grande Primary Manipulation 2021

Momento Zero Grande Primary Manipulation 2021

Momento zero grande, two new explosive material in collaboration with Jonathon Brooks

First news of 2021, 2 new and vibrant resins for our MZ grande piston filler, this limited edition is assembled with the red ebonite feed.

The collection:

Golden Rule – Limited to only 70 pieces, metal parts in gold trims, nibs size #6 in the EF, F, M, B, Stub1.1 and Elastic (F). Classic tones, bronze and red mixed create a fusion of predominantly warm tones.

Primary Manipulation 4 – Also in this case the collection is limited to only 70 pieces, metal parts in rose gold, nibs size #6 in the variants EF, F, M, B, Stub1.1 and Elastico (F).
A very colorful and unique resin with warm and cold tones mixed with a pearlescence/metallic effect.

For both collections the central band represents the decoration belonging to the period known in the history of art as "Geometric art" and therefore means the production of decorations of the Greek civilization
between 900 and 700 BC, which takes its name from the term traditionally used for the ceramic production of the same period.
Each MZ Grande fountain pen includes a 40ml ink bottle and is guaranteed for life against any manufacturing defects.

The fountain pen case contains a 40 ml. bottle of ink.
The collections is limited but not numbered.


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